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From Welsh beginnings, the architecture of Inigo Jones and John Nash

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Influential British architects Inigo Jones (1573 – 1652) and John Nash (1752 –1835) share a rarely discussed commonality: they both had a connection to Wales. 

Born into a Welsh-speaking family, Inigo Jones is described as the first significant architect in England and Wales in the early modern period, and the first to apply the Vitruvian (Roman) rules of proportion and symmetry in his buildings. Known as the “King’s Architect”, Jones also introduced the classical architecture of the Italian Renaissance to Britain. 

Regency architect, John Nash, sought refuge in Carmarthen after the failure of his first marriage and bankruptcy of his architectural practice. His Welsh projects demonstrate his understanding of the principles and symmetry of classical architecture, which developed further after his return to London, with the terraces of Park Crescent and Park Square, London.

This series will bring together and compare the work and lives of Inigo Jones and John Nash through their architecture and influences.

4 weeks – £80

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1.30 PM- 3.30 PM
Starting on Wednesday 15th November 2023