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Follow the Classical Education Forum blog for opinion pieces, commentary, and the latest news on all things connected to the arts and humanities: from recent archaeological discoveries to the contemporary reception of classical culture, through theatre and the visual arts, reviews of museum exhibitions, and much more, the Classical Education Forum blog offers a different perspective on recent news items, informed by our understanding of the past.


2023 Review

As we begin another year, it is appropriate to review what has happened last year in order to plan for this year.


Top 5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Have Tutoring

If your child is aspiring to be the best at what they do, then they will need the best tutoring, but what are the benefits of private tuition and does it actually work?

Brittany- a Country in Touch with its Roots

Brittany: a Country in Touch with its Roots

My experience of an exchange programme with Brittany, together with some recent reading, have caused me to marvel once more at this fascinating country and its traditions...

The never-ending conflict between -Armenia and Azerbaijan Blog Hero Image@72x-8

The never-ending conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

I hold my hands up and own up to some bias here as this is personal: Armenia is part of my ancestry and I was deeply upset about this conflict stirring again...

Secrets of Saqqara Blog

A year of Saqqara: new marvels from Egypt

2020 might have seen some fairly bleak items in the news, but from the point of view of Egyptology it's proved to be a very exciting year. After the discovery of more late Ptolemaic structures in Alexandria and renewed excavation...

Modern Languages at CEF

Familiarizing oneself with another language must surely remain as important as ever in an increasingly inter-connected world and CEF is proud to offer a variety of courses...